Sideline views

Take a trip through my newest collection, inspired by my own experiences with sports. When I was growing up, I really liked how sports looked, especially the colorful jerseys and warm-up suits the athletes wore. Even though I wasn't great at sports and didn't win any awards, this collection is like a personal diary, showing the feelings I had during those times. Look closely at the pictures, and you'll see a model in front of a hidden crowd, representing how I never got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and how I wanted to hide. Each artwork tells a special story about discovering who I am and being strong, and I hope you can connect with the beauty in the little moments of facing challenges and overcoming them.



Perspective Beauty

In my second collection, I explored into the world of garment design, focusing particularly on women's wear. Exploring this avenue of self-discovery, I encountered challenges along the way. Some people tried to keep information to themselves or dismissed my ideas because they didn't see me as a prominent designer or someone important. Despite these obstacles, I discovered beauty in adversity, and each challenge only made me stronger.

I aimed to change how we view setbacks, turning what many might see as negative into something positive. The outcome of this transformative journey is reflected in my collection. Through my designs, I hope to showcase the beauty that arises from overcoming challenges and embracing the strength found in the face of adversity.